User-generated content, also known as user-created content, is produced by people on online platforms like social media, such as photographs, videos, text, and audio.

One of the great things about user-generated content is that it’s a win-win situation for both you and your audience.
You allow their voices to tell your narrative for you when you use their material in your marketing.
Individuals, not companies, deliver your marketing messaging.
You are no longer selling to your target market; instead, you are marketing with them.
You get to highlight the people who have helped in the development of your business.

It’s a great source of social proof. Seeing information from actual consumers strengthens your brand’s trust and puts its promises into context. Customers are promised specific things by brands.

People of all ages and backgrounds have more faith in UGC.
That’s because it was made by people who genuinely care about your brand. These viewpoints are thought to be unbiased and authentic. So, marketers can use user-generated content alongside branded or commissioned content. And this combo works well: Brand engagement increased an average of 28% when user-generated visuals and professional content are both used for promotion.

When marketers encourage consumers to post user-generated content, they open up another channel for customers to express their genuine feelings about your company. You also come across as open, honest, and real. Because customers are bombarded with advertisements and sponsored material regularly, it can be tough for a company to stand out. People develop what’s known as banner blindness, or the ability to block out advertisements.

You’re missing out on a lot of potential material if you only gather user-generated content when people tag you or use your branded hashtag. Even if you’re not tagged, you should monitor any mentions of your brand or goods on social media as part of your social listening program. Use search streams to look for user-generated material that you may have overlooked.